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Program to alphabetize a customer list

Posted By: Louis Evans     Category: C Programming     Views: 36439

Write a program to alphabetize a customer list.

Code for Program to alphabetize a customer list in C Programming

#define  CUSTOMERS   10                                     
   main( )                                                     
       char  first_name[20][10], second_name[20][10],          
             surname[20][10], name[20][20],                    
             telephone[20][10], dummy[20];                     
       int   i,j;                                              
       printf("Input names and telephone numbers \n");         
       for(i=0; i < CUSTOMERS ; i++)
            scanf("%s %s %s %s", first_name[i],                 
                  second_name[i], surname[i], telephone[i]);   
           /* converting full name to surname with initials */
strcpy(name[i], surname[i] ); strcat(name[i], ","); dummy[0] = first_name[i][0]; dummy[1] = '\0'; strcat(name[i], dummy); strcat(name[i], "."); dummy[0] = second_name[i][0]; dummy[1] = '\0'; strcat(name[i], dummy); } /* Alphabetical ordering of surnames */
for(i=1; i <= CUSTOMERS-1; i++) for(j=1; j <= CUSTOMERS-i; j++) if(strcmp (name[j-1], name[j]) > 0) { /* Swaping names */
strcpy(dummy, name[j-1]); strcpy(name[j-1], name[j]); strcpy(name[j], dummy); /* Swaping telephone numbers */
strcpy(dummy, telephone[j-1]); strcpy(telephone[j-1],telephone[j]); strcpy(telephone[j], dummy); } /* printing alphabetical list */
printf("\nCUSTOMERS LIST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER \n\n"); for(i=0; i < CUSTOMERS ; i++) printf(" %-20s\t %-10s\n", name[i], telephone[i]); } Output Input names and telephone numbers ?Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 711518 Joseph Louis Lagrange 869245 Jean Robert Argand 900823 Carl Freidrich Gauss 806788 Simon Denis Poisson 853240 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel 719731 Charles Francois Sturm 222031 George Gabriel Stokes 545454 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 362718 Josian Willard Gibbs 123145 CUSTOMERS LIST IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Argand,J.R 900823 Bessel,F.W 719731 Gandhi,M.K 362718 Gauss,C.F 806788 Gibbs,J.W 123145 Lagrange,J.L 869245 Leibniz,G.W 711518 Poisson,S.D 853240 Stokes,G.G 545454 Sturm,C.F 222031

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Louis Evans
Louis Evans author of Program to alphabetize a customer list is from London, United Kingdom.
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