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Algorithms of selection sort, bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort and insertion sort

Posted By: Luisa Fischer     Category: C++ Programming     Views: 36805

This article provides an algorithm of selection sort, bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort and insertion sort.

Algorithm for Selection Sort

1.[Loop on pass index]
Repeat through step 4 for pass=1 to n-1.

2.Initialize minindex
minindex <--- pass.

3.[Make a pass and obtain element with smallest value]
Repeat for i=pass+1,pass+2,….n.
If k[i] < k[minindex]
    then minindex <--- i.

4.[Exchange the elements]
If minindex!=pass
    then k[pass] interchange with k[minindex].


Algorithm for Bubble Sort

1.Initialize last <--- N.

2.[Loop on pass index]
Repeat through step 5 for pass=1,2…n-1.

3.[Initialize exchange ctr for this pass]
exchs <--- 0.

4.[Perform pair wise comparison on unsorted elements]
Repeat for i=1,2,….last - 1.
If k[i] > k[I+1]
then interchange both of them.
   exchs <--- exchs + 1.

5.[Check for Exchanges]
If exchs=0
then return [mission complete early]
    last <--- last – 1.


Algorithm for Merge Sort

i <--- first
j <--- second
k <--- 0.

2.[Compare corresponding element and output smallest]
while i<second and j>=third
if k[i] <= k[j]
then l <--- l + 1
        s[l] <--- k[i]
        i <--- i + 1
l <--- l + 1
s[l] <--- k[j]
j <--- j + 1.

3.[Copy the remaining elements]
if i >=second
then repeat while j<=third
l <--- l + 1
s[l] <--- k[j]
j <---- j + 1.
repeat while i<second
l <--- l + 1
s[l] <--- k[i]
i <---- i + 1.

Algorithm for Quick Sort

g <--- lb + 1
s <--- ub
flag <--- 0 
key <--- sortarray [lb]

2.[Check we have single element array or not]
if lb < ub
     [Repeat until key value is position at its final position]
     while flag =0

          [Position g no greater than key]
Repeat while sortarray [g] < key
Increment g by 1.

     Repeat while sortarray [s] > key
     Decrement s by 1.

[Check whether s is pointing to lower position]
if g < s
[Exchange values of g and s]
flag = 1
[Exchange the s with key position]

Call quicksort (sortarray,lb,s-1)
Call quicksort (sortarray,s+1,ub)

Algorithm for Insertion Sort

key <--- 1

2.[Following loop makes the elements sortarray [0] through sortarray [key] in order by inserting the element sortarray [key] at its pos. initially sortarray [0] may be through of as sorted array].

Repeat while key < size
temp <--- sortarray [key]
ctr <--- key – 1

Repeat while ctr >=0 and tamp <sortarray [ctr]
sortarray [ctr+1] <--- sortarray [ctr]
sortarray [ctr+1] <--- temp


Luisa Fischer
Luisa Fischer author of Algorithms of selection sort, bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort and insertion sort is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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