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Srikanth Paladugu
  Srikanth Paladugu from India      Jan 01
Hello milind!

i need to work on the prolog developement and i have a project assignment to develop stratego game in prolog but i am very new to prolog and very confused to do so. could you please help me with the code?

Menna Hassan
  Menna Hassan from United States      Dec 31
hi there , i was wondering about your prolog code (murderer) i can't understand what is the goal and there are errors in it could you help me please?

and also gallon jar problem it doesn't work with all the states right
Guru Reddy
  Guru Reddy from United States      Oct 22
Hi i need to develop a simple Rmi application. A phone book application, in which user name and phone number are given dynamically and stored in a file. The user has to look up for a number and able to edit the details(Name and number). A very small application based on RMI. Could you please help me.
Lara sfarra
  Lara sfarra from France      Apr 05
Hi Milind
I really need your help to make a small distributed application like twitter using Java RMI ( JNDI, IIOP)

I am an avid follower of your post. Basically yours RMI java code. I ll be grateful if you kindly response my request and help me. I ll tell you details of my application. Please need your help.

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