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  Question Asked By: Alex Meyer   on Dec 09 In Asp.net Category.

Question Answered By: Angel Watkins   on Dec 09

Some "more" knowldege for you as if you didn't have enough.

I have mousecaptured and all that I kept getting a 1 as I rolled into my
image and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

It's not like it matters its only 1 px.
And then I found I'd forgotton about about the scroll position, and there's
that little bit at the top -->> oh no there isn't ... back to square one.
Blamed it on mouse speed.
Blamed it blurring through windows repaint.
Blamed it fuzzy grahics - or was that just my eyesight failing in the mist.
But kept thinking ....
Here's what it is ... by chance I'd managed to set a class for the body tag.
I had a solid border of 1 px around it that I didn't even see. Those
functions you gave me can't get to it. I haven't tried appending the
getTopPos() functs (i.e. the one I sent you) to them yet but it should sort
them (if it's worth the effort even.)



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