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  Question Asked By: Joao Silva   on Mar 12 In Asp.net Category.

Question Answered By: Ujala Hashmi   on Mar 12

ASP.net Unleashed is a great book, but if books were prizefighters,
it would be in the phone book division. It's very heavy, inside and
out. ASP.net's real power is in the supported languages, so basic VB
or C# skills are required. I had to start at the beginning. 'ASP.net
For Dummies' <http://www.aspdotnetfordummies.com/> gave me a quick
primer on VB and ASP.net so I could get started. 'ASP.net Unleashed'
made much more sense after reading the "For Dummies" book and playing
with ASP.net. Once you understand VB, 'Unleashed' is an easy-read.
There's also a quote from Charles on the cover. :)

The fore-mentioned titles, along with the links previously provided,
the .NET SDK manual, and lists like this one should do the job.

I've been at it since, oh, six weeks ago and I've made remarkable progress.



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