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Muhammad - write a program that takes an input from the user in the...Jul 03
Ameed - an assembly program that reads an integer number from the...Apr 22
Ameed - assembly program that reads an integer number (from 0 to 9). Apr 22
Dan - to create a program that will create a folder and file nameMar 10
Adah - What program exists in ubuntu 10.04 that will allow me to do...Feb 05
Adah - reasons that I should move to 11.04?Feb 05
Adah - Does anyone know about setting up an smtp server on ubuntu...Jan 09
Adah - uninstall a deb app that was installed via cmdln Jan 07
Adah - How do I install linux software that is not .deb? Jan 04
Adah - PIM that can dial the listed phone numberJan 03
Adah - Upgrading to that separate Home partition. Dec 27
Adah - Video card that works with Hardy Heron up to 1600x1200 Dec 26
Adah - IE8 to be friendlier that previous versions Dec 26
Adah - folder that refuses to delete Dec 18
Adah - Script that will CD, change directory Dec 14
Adah - Troubles with Ubuntu shortcut menu that doesn't manage URIs...Dec 07
Adah - program that is equal to coreldraw for ubuntuDec 06
Adah - My laptop has a BIOS update available that says it enhances...Dec 06
Adah - Is there genealogy program that works on Linux?Dec 04
Adah - Is there any messenger service that use video?Dec 04
Adah - Script that takes a y/n input or times out to a default Dec 03
Adah - Scripts - how to cd and stay in that dir after the script ends Dec 02
Adah - What is J++, is that Java??Nov 24
Adah - java script code that will be used to find MP3 filesNov 24
Chinelo - Write a c++ program that will create a triangle base on...Nov 04
VBA - Need some help. Have a spreadsheet that I'm trying to create a...Oct 18
Vhenieze - c program that computes total billsJun 22
Ryan - how to create an al program that matches several entries using...Oct 20
Brit - multi-threading programming that does arithmeticOct 18
Vivek - The type 'System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext' is defined in an...Oct 13
John - Script for system information at time that script is runMay 13
Milind - Corba program to encrypt the text that you want to send on...Feb 23
Milind - TCP/IP program of UDP client for TIME service that prints...Feb 22
Milind - TCP/IP program that shows abort telnet due to invalid stateFeb 22
Milind - TCP/IP program of client interface routine that calls initw_1Feb 22
Milind - Program that defines a relation split(L,P,N) where list is...Feb 22
Milind - Prolog program to define the relation shift(L1,L2) so that...Feb 22
Milind - Prolog program that defines a predicate maxlist (L,Max)...Feb 22
Milind - Prolog program that defines a relation max(X,Y,Max) where...Feb 22
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