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Shruti - How can you create a style by example? Explain.Jan 20
Shruti - What is a template? Explain the use of template.Jan 20
Shruti - Explain IF ,Vlookup, Hlookup function.Jan 20
Shruti - Explain the following terms giving suitable examples: Jan 20
Shruti - What is a cell reference? How many different types of cell...Jan 20
Shruti - What do you mean by primary key? Explain its significance.Jan 20
Shruti - What is a ’query’ in Access? State and explain the different...Jan 20
Shruti - Explain sysdate with exampleDec 17
Sophie - Explain the signals HOLD, READY and SIDNov 11
Lily - Explain the different instruction formats with examplesOct 21
Imogen - Explain two functionality of “mv” command with example? Oct 18
Eva - Explain difference between Sequential Search and Binary Search.Aug 21
Nathan - Explain priority interrupts of 8085.Apr 26
Adelina - Explain LDA, STA and DAA instructionsMar 31
Lois - Explain the purpose of the I/O instructions IN and OUT.Jan 10
Joshua - Define stack and explain stack related instructionsDec 23
Everett - Unexplained "Bad Record Length" error / bug?Dec 11
Sophie - Explain the difference between a JMP instruction and CALL...Oct 26
Idelia - can anyone give me any links (from internet) which explain...Aug 28
Pamela - can somebody please explain the function of "this"Aug 08
Emily - Can someone Explain this code to me?Jul 31
Leona - explain how this code worksMay 18
Jacob - Explain the difference between echo “$SHELL” and echo ‘$SHELL’Mar 10
Anna - Explain the command, which work as spelling checker? Mar 05