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Why Isn't this working?

  Asked By: Boell    Date: Dec 31    Category: MS Office    Views: 1825

I'm trying to retrieve the value of a cell in another sheet called "Library"

Library has many Cells grouped under different categories. I made a column
(fifth column) containing row numbers (using Row() ) to be able to
determine the starting row of each category.... Then I used Vlookup to
return the row value of the category title I want (Which in this case is
Located in C7 of the current sheet).

Knowing the relative position from the category title of the Cell I want to
access (in this case 1down and 1 to the right) I'm using this formula


But it gives me an error :( ... I think its just a syntax error cause
it seems to work when I remove Library! reference, but ofcourse it means I'm
not getting it from the sheet I want!!

Any Ideaas??



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Cameron Smith     Answered On: Dec 31

Library is a protected word change that to "Sherif" and it should work

Answer #2    Answered By: Akina Suzuki     Answered On: Dec 31

Actually I don't think the problem is using a reserved word. Using
"library" for a sheet  name doesn't cause any errors when trying a simpler
formula like =Library!C10+Sheet1!C8.

In any case  I found a roundabout to my problem. Aparently If I store the
sheet name in another cell  and then reference that cell in the formula it
works! (If anyone knows why please tell us)
I also made  the row  number column  on the initial sheet instead of library
sheet, so now I can do without the vlookup....
so my working  formula looks something like this
=INDIRECT(S4&"C"&R9) where S4 = Library! & R9= Row number

Answer #3    Answered By: Abraham Lopez     Answered On: Dec 31

The code given below is supposed to click all the three command
buttons simultaneously to do their respective tasks.

public sub combined()


end sub

Do i need to activate something from the referece library???

Answer #4    Answered By: Eula Armstrong     Answered On: Dec 31

What is not working  about it? Other than it won't perform
simultaneously? The code will run one command after another.

Are you getting error codes? What is the name of the subroutine? Is it
Sub commandbutton1 () or is it Sub commandbutton1_Click() ? In which
case try:

Public Sub Combined()
End Sub

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