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Auto filter at row level

  Asked By: Muaz    Date: Sep 01    Category: MS Office    Views: 1940

Is it possible to have Auto filter at row level.I'm able to have it
as column wise.but not row wise.

For example

Market Products
M1 P1
M1 P2
M1 P3
M1 P4
M2 P1
M2 P2
M2 P3

If i have the data in that way we can have filter coulmn wise.IF in different
case If i have the data as
Product1 Product2 Product3 Product4 Product5
M1 3
M1 3
M1 3
M1 3
M2 1
M2 1

As shown above M1 will have Product1 but not product2.And M2 will have product
2 bit not product1

Is it possible for me to get only the products which market will have.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tate Thompson     Answered On: Sep 01

In answer to your first sentence ... AFAIK Auto filter  hides rows based on
column values - never the reverse.

However, I do not understand the rest of your message at all. It sounds as
though you are still trying to do a column-selected filter (M1, M2) to hide
the rows you don't want. This is what Auto Filter does, so I don't see
where this relates to your first line. You probably should re-describe your

Answer #2    Answered By: Charlie Evans     Answered On: Sep 01

I think you may need to investigate Pivot Tables to produce the kind of answer
you seem to want

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