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Use VBA to get Windows User Groups

  Asked By: Ella    Date: Oct 12    Category: MS Office    Views: 3292

I have a spreadsheet that I use to conduct a semi-annual audit of
users of applications for which I am the "Data Owner". I try to run
this monthly so that any updates and corrections can be made prior to
submitting the Certification documents.

I've got a little over 4,000 lines of VBA code that is used to check
authorization list from SAP, Lotus Notes, Oracle and 15 different
Windows User Groups, and evaluate the permissions for about 600 users.

Unfortunately, even though I own the "Data", I am not allowed to
actually grant permissions, but I must AUTHORIZE the Security group
to actually perform the "Grant". Consequestly, I must rely on the
Security group to provide a list of current users for each of the
Windows Groups. They publish a user list on a monthly basis, but
that doesn't usually (almost never) coincide with my Certification
So I have to request a "special" report, which varies in format from
one month to the next, and sometimes even from one User Group to the

Now, I've found a way to use VBS to determine which User Groups have
permissions for a specific folder, (is uses cscript, but I think I
can rewrite it).

But does anyone know of a way to use VBA to programatically determine
the list of users in each group?



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