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Tomcat Postgre Pooling Performance Problems

  Asked By: Ina    Date: Sep 12    Category: Java    Views: 625


i am using Tomcat 6.0, Postgre 8.2 on a normal XP PC, with following pooling settings:


My application is following as i have a bunch of data (like 100-500 records) every 10 sec up to 10 min being added to the DB. Also there are some web clients not more than 5 at a time watching this data on the webpage, no alteration happening on the data.

Now in beginning, when starting up Tomcat all works well and CPU is at average 5%, Tomcat memory 120 Mb, lots of postgre processes, not taking much any serious ressources.

With some activity on the clients the Tomcat CPU goes to average 20-30 %, Memory a bit higher 160 Mb.

But when activities on clients drop this also drops.

Now after few days the Tomcat is with CPU at 90% and all seems to be blocked.

I dont think there is a problem of PC, also pooling settings i have tried using different values, i cant really see any leaks, i am unable to find the problem.

I also dont know of any performance monitoring tool which can help me analyse this problem. I am trying all with Windows Task Manager, but this doesnt give me any clue at all...

I would really appreciate some help from somebody how to tackle this, how to check pooling performance, other pooling seetings, or leak analysis.

I really need some urgent help!

Thanks for your support!




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