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Connection pooling Vs Thread Pooling

  Asked By: Cory    Date: Jul 15    Category: Java    Views: 1854

i have implement connection
pooling in my project but now i want to impelement
thread pooling .
so please help me in this. so please send me some
information related to thread pooling. where to use ?
how to use? etc.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Calvin Banks     Answered On: Jul 15

all multiuser platform has its own thread  pool implementation. I dont have
any idea that a generic thread pool api exists. But i can explain how to produce
one for your use.

In a traditional way u can implement  one worker thread per client. client
information and business logic is implemented together. But if u have a lot of
this time u have to implement a worker thread pool and a client request queue.
also an object for client state. Because you have restricted resources like
memory and
cpu time. (the most importend one is mem). Ýf u prefer traditional way u need
memory then expected. For example tomcat has worker threads for client requests,
and a authentication and session manager for client state. And a request queue
for client
requests. Tomcat main thread fetches a request from queue and assing this to a
worker thread. Worker thread will use request object to obtain client spesific
and creates an response object in order to reflect processed result to client

So what will we do;
- implement a client connection  object to store client conneciton
- implement a main istener thread to receive incoming client connections.
- implement a session manager to store client state informaiton
- implement a worker thread object that accepts client state and input
to process an action and sets new client state.
- implement a pool (collection) of worker threads (number of threads is up to
- implement a request queue that accepts requests from client connections and
assings one of the free worker threads for process requests.

in the and this will be a multiuser soket server
or this will be a J2EE modeled e-application
or this will be a basic MVC1 struts web application.

So these are common implementations used by many suppliers,developers etc.
but i dont mean to prefer them, u can also create one for your self.

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