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What's the best way to implement a projectile-motion shooting game

  Asked By: Lewis    Date: Nov 25    Category: Java    Views: 1519

Im conceptualizing this game that has mechanics which are similar to: Scorched
Earth, the Worms series and Gunbound (if you havent heard of the games, feel
free to google them :) ) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good
way of implementing the use of projectile motion in java considering these

- the player would have to adjust the angle of the shooter and determine the
power at which the projectile would be shot
- the projectile will then follow a path determined by the angle and strength it
was shot
- basic physic laws apply
- (i dont know if i will implement a "wind drag" feature yet to the game)
- J2ME Specific: J2ME does not use the data types: float and double

I have been considering how to do this for a LONG time now. any type of help
will be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!!!



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Answer #1    Answered By: Ralph Murray     Answered On: Nov 25

When u complete worms j2me, tell me, i must have one copy