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write to text files

  Asked By: Annie    Date: Jan 01    Category: MS Office    Views: 674

I need to read from a text file and then write to another text file.Is there
any way i could do it using excel.I tried using streamrecorder but not able to
figure out the vba refernces library i need to enable.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Laura Rodriguez     Answered On: Jan 01

In Excel, turn macro recorder on
do your stuff
ie open text  file
save text file  as
end recorder

Examine the code

Answer #2    Answered By: Spiru Kelly     Answered On: Jan 01

I have the following contents in a text  file
5 6
7 8
9 1
2 3
4 6
1 3
4 6
4 7
4 6

the file  is also saves as nos.txt , saved under
"C:\Documents and Settings\Birumanand\Desktop\"

This should work...

Sub Read_write()

Dim iPath As String
Dim iRunner As Long

iPath = "C:\Documents and

X = 0
Open iPath & "nos.txt" For Input As #1

Line Input #1, St

While Not EOF(1)
X = X + 1
Sheets(1).Cells(X, 1) = Left(St, 1)
Sheets(1).Cells(X, 2) = Right(St, 1)

Line Input #1, St

Close #1

Open iPath & "output.txt" For Output As #1

For iRunner = 1 To

Print #1, Trim(Sheets(1).Cells(iRunner, 1) *
Sheets(1).Cells(iRunner, 2))


Close #1

End Sub

let me know, is that what you were looking for...

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