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System remembering deleted files, re-install problems.

  Date: Dec 19    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 438

One problem I run into is that certain programs will suddenly stop
working, and removing them and re-installing doesn't get them to work.
The packages will show, and in the Menu's, but they don't run.
This has happened with Awn Dock, and now Kiba Dock won't work.

Previously, I've had this problem where I accidentally deleted the
config file for lm-sensors in trying to correct the bug for xsensors,
and the re-install noticed the file was deleted and never re-installed it.

Another instance is when I accidentally deleted the icon in the status
panel for the Network Manager(?) (not the same as in the add-to panel
applet) and it never appeared again on the panel-status area. I like
being able to not only view the network status, but be able to Disable
it at will by using that applet/icon. But no remove/re-install would
bring it back.

Can anyone explain why it does this and if there's a fix? I plan on
doing a total re-install eventually, but for reasons like this I'm not
ready to recommend Linux to friends just yet.



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Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 19    

AWN requires a compositing desktop window manager such as Compiz-Fusion or GL
Desktop to work. In my experience when AWN fails to work then it is usually
related to a problem with Compiz or GL Desktop. I have not used Kiba.

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