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Sessions Disappearing

  Asked By: Kiswar    Date: Oct 01    Category: Asp.net    Views: 578

I have been making a page that disghed out image data to a html <img> tag.

It all works but there's something badly wrong.

I click on an image to get another image. The click stores stuff in session.

It's weird because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I put stuff into
session (only int's) and sometimes it stays and sometimes it gets overwritten
with stuff I simply cannot for the life of me figure out where from (magic ??) ?

The whole thing isn't particulary complex ... though there's a fair amount of
Convert.ToDouble, Int32, Sting etc.

It generates images so this is going to wallop my RAM ... and I only have 160mb.

Any advice, come across anything remotely similar ? Could generation of images
cause this ? (I have disposed, etc ... I really, really don't think it's my
code, I think it's my hardware or software)

Is there a update or SP for framework at all ????

It's the only time its ever done anything like this on my machine and to tell
the truth I'm a bit stumped, but will try to sort it (to a point). It's not
important really.

Could it be to do with the the fact that it is an html image src tag making the
requests to the page ... could this affect session ????

Also note it is aspx page and NOT ashx or httphander that generates the response



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