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question about installing 10.04 on VM ware workstation

  Date: Dec 03    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 334

I have a student in my Linux class with this problem:

I have copied a downloaded ISO file for 10.04 and saved it on my Windows 7
desktop computer. Then I created a VM using it. I can login in but only in a
shell mode and cannot get the GUI to work except it shows for a second and then
shifts to command mode...I can login and execute commands in the shell and when
someone told me I needed VMtools I used the command sudo apt-get install
open-vm-tools and it was able to get the tools and install them. However when I
restarted the VM I am still in the same situation...

How do I get the GUI to work using VM workstation? It works fine in VM Player in
the classroom.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 03    

Have you installed the 10.04 in the virtual machine, or are you just running
from an iso? Did you md5 checksum the image you downloaded to make sure it
was all good?

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 03    

VM Player needs to be compiled for your kernel. You should look at the
pre-requisites. I think that build-essential covers most of them. However,
it has been a long time since I installed VMWare since VirtualBox works so
much better.

BTW, you can use VMs in VirtualBox as well. You create a new VM but point it
to the VMWare file. I have not used this in awhile either.

Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 03    

It is installed on the VM and it actually tries to boot up the GUI which you can
see for a few seconds...the student brought his iPad into the classroom and
logged into his home PC and invoked the VM there!!!

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