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Project Management Body of Knowledge

  Asked By: Elliott    Date: Jun 20    Category: Java    Views: 1229


The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a collection of
processes and knowledge areas generally accepted as best practice
within the project management discipline.

As an internationally recognised standard (IEEE Std 1490-1998) it
provides the fundamentals of project management, irrespective of the
type of project be it construction, software, engineering, automotive

PMBOK recognises 5 basic process groups and 9 knowledge areas typical
of almost all projects. The basic concepts are applicable to
projects, programs and operations. The five basic process groups are:

Processes overlap and interact throughout a project or phase.
Processes are described in terms of:

Inputs (documents, plans, designs, etc.)
Tools and Techniques (mechanisms applied to inputs)
Outputs (documents, products, etc.)
The nine knowledge areas are:

Project Integration Management
Project Scope Management
Project Time Management
Project Cost Management
Project Quality Management
Project Human Resource Management
Project Communications Management
Project Risk Management
Project Procurement Management
Each knowledge area contains some or all of the project management
processes. For example, Project Procurement Management includes:

Procurement Planning
Solicitation Planning
Source Selection
Contract Administration
Contract Closeout
Much of PMBOK is unique to project management e.g. critical path and
work breakdown structure (WBS). Some areas overlap with other
management disciplines. General management also includes planning,
organising, staffing, executing and controlling the operations of an
organisation. Financial forecasting, organisational behaviour and
planning techniques are also similar.



14 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Dannon Jones     Answered On: Jun 20

This is really interesting, if you are interested in this concept, "digital six sigma" is another management  and leadership approach that has been well used and approved, you might be interested to have a look at its guidelines too.

Answer #2    Answered By: Walborgd Fischer     Answered On: Jun 20

do you have a copy of latest PMBOK standard?
(any version newer than 2000 will be fine for me, I have older ones).

Answer #3    Answered By: Bradley Evans     Answered On: Jun 20

You can find the PMBOK Guide - Third Edition Excerpts in www.pmi.org

This is 2004 update to the previous version But the original version of PMBOK 2004 is about 10MB which is difficult to transfer through email.

Answer #4    Answered By: Barak Levi     Answered On: Jun 20

Could you please send us the URL ? I could not find it
in pmi site. too crowded.

Answer #5    Answered By: Rosalie Holmes     Answered On: Jun 20

You just need to go to www.pmi.org and then search for PMBOK 2005. The first link in results is what you're looking for.

Answer #6    Answered By: Zachary Larson     Answered On: Jun 20

oh i forget to add that I did exactly what you said but the result was
are you a pmi member?
if it is the case, may be thats why your search result is different.

Answer #7    Answered By: Russell Burns     Answered On: Jun 20

I cannot even find the 2000 version.
this is the proof:
do you know the URL for the 2000 version?

Answer #8    Answered By: Louis Mason     Answered On: Jun 20

And I remembered that you can buy a translated version from Enghelab. ( version 2000)

But beside all of it I don't know why you JEE guys searching for PMBOK?

Answer #9    Answered By: Hehet Chalthoum     Answered On: Jun 20

Because in my experience most of problems in big
projects, is due to lack of project  management
knowledge, rather that technical issues.
don't you agree ?

Answer #10    Answered By: Sean Grant     Answered On: Jun 20

PMBOK is officaly tought in Sharif University of Technology Computer
Scince department as a project  managment method.
I have studied 2000 version there, and I want to upgrade if possible.

but in overall the relation between J2EE and PMBOK is:
both are used mostly used in large projects.

Answer #11    Answered By: Huette Miller     Answered On: Jun 20

the version on the pmi site is 3'rd edition year 2000
I know there is a 3'rd edition year 2004 version also available which
is a little different with year 2000 versio.
the latest verison of PMBOK is not a freely available book.
do you have any version newer than 2000?

Answer #12    Answered By: Maria Miller     Answered On: Jun 20

I do have the latest version which is 2004 edition but as I mentioned before its approximately 12MB and it's impractical if I want to mail you with current Iran telecomunication system !!!. If you're coming for Wednesday's seminar I can bring it for you in a CD-ROM.

Moreover, we are providing an intensive course conducted by a very professional IT manager who is the no one in India giving this service to top managers in MNC companies. This course will be conducted soon to prepare those who are willing to take the test and he guarantees the success of the applicants in real exam. Obviously, The course is conducted in English.

Answer #13    Answered By: Elias Turner     Answered On: Jun 20

The book is not free but ou can find it in p2p.
I can mail it for anyone who is interested.

Answer #14    Answered By: Kifah Malik     Answered On: Jun 20

would you please check if your version is 2004.
if so I am interested to have a copy.
all versions I have downloaded with emule are older than 2004

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