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Problem with Java 1.4.02 Runtime on XP = javaw.exe uses 100% cpu us

  Asked By: Joao    Date: Nov 03    Category: Java    Views: 2936

I am actually seriously developing C# and java
mobile telephonic applications, using visual Studio and JavaCreator
among other tools, but something strange happens when i want to
launch already compiled java applications using windows (swing),
such like Ericsson cellphone simulators, they are 100% written in
java and runs and installs under windows. I installed these packages
on several machines, and they work fine.
Here is the problem, I installed them on my PC (windows XP) at first
they worked fine, but suddenly they stopped responding.
I tried to un-re-install them, un-re-install javaruntime (the
latestj2sdk1.4.2_03) all java programs which use java.exe, works
fine, but when a certain process try to use javaw.exe, the preocess
loop forever consuming 100% of cpu time, and giving no visible
output. So I have to kill the process manually to re-gain my
computer responsiveness.
I am trying to avoid re-installing the whole XP, as it will demand
many many hours, may be 1-2 days, even many backup actions (>60Gb
into CD's, to make a clean re-install).
I have heard on may forums this issue. but nobody couldn't answer
why this happens. MS bug?
Also some Applets won't work either, I had to switch off the use
javaxx in the IE special options. For example the flashMX help won't
work with java switched on to the jre.
I have the enviromental varables ok, have installed java web servers
(resin, jetty, apache), other console app's (ant, etc.) and all work
My configuration is: WinXP-spanish SP1 P4 1.6G 512Mb RAM, HDD
(2x30Gb) SOYO ISR4, Ge-Force2/64Mb AGP, enough?



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