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exe in java

  Asked By: Lucina    Date: Jan 11    Category: Java    Views: 943

I am
having some problem which is not clear to me.
I am looking forward to you to send me answers of the following

Q1-> I have made a small software using java language in window NT
platform. I want my software to run
by clicking it by a mouse. I want to create an executable file so
that it runs without opening DOS PROMT.

Q2-> How to create DATA SOURCE NAME(DSN) from java program itself not
doing it manually.

Q3-> I work in windowNT platform we have many users . how can i with
the help of java program know who
the user is or his IDENTIFICATION so that i welcome him/her when
anyone logs on to the system.

Q4-> How to do sound programming in java

I hope these questions will be answered at the earliest.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Corbin Jones     Answered On: Jan 11

First of all to run your software  like other windows softwares, you
have to make a JAR file. Not a normal jar, but an executable  jar
file, it runs  simply by double clicking, just like an exe, not going
to a dos  prompt.

Description of making such a file  is on java  site, if still not
hapy, let me know,ill tell details.

And answer to your Question 4

For sound  programming, use javax.sound package, its real good,
started coming with jdk1.4

And yeh, dont forget to take a look at JMF (Java Media Framework) u
can program  even video and other media ...

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