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About a plug-in or something like it for AXIS in IntelliJ

  Asked By: Zobah    Date: Jul 02    Category: Java    Views: 680

I search for a plug in or some thing like this that integrates the AXIS WebService Frame work with IntelliJ IDEA

Did you see such thing until now Please Help me!



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Melissa King     Answered On: Jul 02

Axis needs a Http transport listener, Although it has a
SimpleAxisServer but it is not a production ready server
as axis  team says,
you may use a servlet container such as Jetty to plug  axis into Intellij.
Jetty is so easy to integrate and use.

Answer #2    Answered By: Clayton Richardson     Answered On: Jul 02

I'm using Axis (1.1 Beta) on a real production server
(WAS) quite successfully with nice speed and
performance to connect a swing GUI to server side
(EJBs). Also have deployed and run it on Orion and
OC4J too. It's all ok.

As of a plugin for IDEA, I've not seen any (better to
check IDEA's plugin home page) but why don't you
automate all the Axis stuffs with the build tools out
there (Ant for instance) and free code generators ?!

Answer #3    Answered By: Adelinda Fischer     Answered On: Jul 02

I currently use ant but for generating new service and generating and modifying the wsdd files I don't have created any ant file yet
So I require something like Web Services Toolkit in JBuilder in the IntelliJ IDEA I checked the plug  in house of IDEA but I didn't find anything

I don't have any problem with AXIS as you said It's very good kit for Web Service deployment in Web Application System (ref: AXIS:Next Generation Java SOAP,Romin Irani) But My problem is some plug-in  in the Intelli J that automates the adding new JavaClass as a WebService into the AXIS on a WebServer like Tomcat! ( the facility that is supported by Borland JBuilder Web Services Toolkit )

I have another problem with SOAP connection between the AXIS and Borland Delphi too, I used the generated WSDL for creating the ServiceInterface and Remote object of the provided service It works well when I send simple type parameters like String int and ...(every thing  that's is defined in XMLSchema types and shown by XSD_ ) but if I call a method ( or in WSDL terms a message ) which has a Programmer defined Object type as its parameter ( for example a TOperator inherited from TRemoteObject)
then the server can not understand the method a get me an error! It's vert strange for me that as the result or return parameter it works well but as input parameter it doesn't work.

Did you connect a Delphi application or Non Java Application and sending an developer defined object as a parameter to server side?

Answer #4    Answered By: Tamara Nguyen     Answered On: Jul 02

But in regards to Dynamically installing a java class
as new service, there is a very simple tool
(AdminClient) bundled with AXIS to do this for you. It
will be easy, I guess, to write a quick-and-dirty
plugin for it. Also can be done by an ANT target.
As for me here, it's all static. I'm not using any
hot-deployment of web-services (no AdminClient for
remote deployment). Instead I generate whatever
web-services need and bundle them in the war file and
deploy the result on application server.

Btw, Take a look at AXIS documentation for more info.

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