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JAVA Applet and plug in question

  Asked By: Oscar    Date: Dec 24    Category: Java    Views: 598

I have a question about java applet. Is that true that it is
necessary for people to download java plug-in just in order to view
somebody's homepage which has applets?
If they need to spend quite a while to download a software(plug-in)
and install it, I guess they would not bother to do so. In this case,
I am wondering how valueful the java applet is.
I am a comp. sci. student and I myself is still not clear about this.
Imagine majority people in society who has no idea about applets,
plug-ins. What is the percentage of computers which has java plug-in

Another question:
I remember Netscape 4 can directly view applet.html, right?. Now,
Netscape7 seems also need java plug in to view it. IE browser always
need java plug-in, am I right? It is very confusing. I appreciate
anybody's help.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Nicolas Costa     Answered On: Dec 24

The Java plugin is, probably a Netscape invention by the way, so that the part
that performs the Java bytecode in the browser, will have the ability to be

Answer #2    Answered By: Djoser Massri     Answered On: Dec 24

Since you are CS student, I though you have this
fundamental already clear  by your instructor.

1. You need Java plug-in  to view  people webpage with

2. You have strike a million dollar question  dilemma
that is why Sun and Microsoft go to war. It is very
important to upgrade your Java plug-in. It is not
take very long time to download  on general. If you
live in an low-tech area, you need to go to your local
school and download from their line. Ask permission
first as always.

When the software shipped to customer, it usually
include the Java plug-in. But as you know the
technologies in IS evolt very fast pace in the hyper
speed, so the majority companies made those networking
guys -- one who carry cables running around the
building, upgrading internal user Java plug-in as part
of their job descriptions.

P.S. If you have time try to switch to IE because the
majority of the existing works done in IE.

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