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how to view jrun perfromance report

  Asked By: Bailey    Date: Oct 05    Category: Java    Views: 1304

i am deploy my application on jrun4 project is runing fine but i want
to see my performance report javam status,beacuse i set the tuning
but before i use sun one web server 6.1 .ther the performance report
come give below i want to know how to display jrun4 performance report
how i know performance report just like sun one web server 6.1

Current/Peak/Limit Queue Length 0/1/4096
Total Connections Queued 64
Average Queueing Delay 0.12 milliseconds

ListenSocket ls1:
Acceptor Threads 1
Default Virtual Server https-manish

ListenSocket ls2:
Acceptor Threads 2
Default Virtual Server https-manish

KeepAliveCount 2/1536
KeepAliveHits 52
KeepAliveFlushes 0
KeepAliveRefusals 0
KeepAliveTimeouts 0
KeepAliveTimeout 120 seconds

Active Sessions 1
Total Sessions Created 48/512

enabled yes
CacheEntries 43/1024
Hit Ratio 114/157 ( 72.61%)
Maximum Age 5

Native pools:
Idle/Peak/Limit 2/2/128
Work Queue Length/Peak/Limit 0/1/0

Server DNS cache disabled

Async DNS disabled

Performance Counters:
Average Total Percent

Total number of requests: 59
Request processing time: 0.0731 4.3150

default-bucket (Default bucket)
Number of Requests: 59 (100.00%)
Number of Invocations: 880 (100.00%)
Latency: 0.0002 0.0121 ( 0.28%)
Function Processing Time: 0.0729 4.3028 ( 99.72%)
Total Response Time: 0.0731 4.3150 (100.00%)

Process Status Function



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