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Pidgin Constantly crashing

  Date: Dec 06    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 365

I've noticed lately that any time my screen goes to sleep, pidgin
crashes.. or maybe it just turns off. Anyone else notice this?



7 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 06    

running KK RC1 Pidgin 2.6.2
(libpurple 2.6.2)

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 06    

Did you computer go to sleep?

Mine can go to sleep many times during the day and its just fine but
then, it goes off every time the thing goes to sleep. Most nights it
seems to shut down.

Just frustrating to keep looking up to see if its on.

Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 06    

sleep 3x and suspended twice. if its intermittent I will keep using it
for a while instead of aMSN.

Answer #4    Answered On: Dec 06    

After going to bed last night, I woke this morning to find that it had not
turned off at all.

Answer #5    Answered On: Dec 06    

I'm sorry, I don't understand your terminology.

"go to sleep" = screen saver kicks in?
"goes off" = ???
"shut down" = the power goes off?

I use Pidgin 2.5.5 and have not noticed any issue.

Answer #6    Answered On: Dec 06    

When the screen goes to sleep -> turns to black.
The computer still is on.
Im on 2.5.5 too. My pc runs 24.7.365 and pidgin is (or I want to to be)
always on.

Answer #7    Answered On: Dec 06    

Power save definitions from

8. What’s the difference between "system standby," "hibernate," "monitor power
management," and "turn off hard disks"?
There are 4 basic types of computer power management, or "sleep" features on
Windows PCs:
* "System standby"
o Drops monitor and computer power use down to 1–3 watts each
o Wakes up in seconds
o Saves $25–75 per PC annually
* "System hibernates"
o Drops monitor and computer power use down to 1–3 watts each
o Wakes up in 20+ seconds
o Saves work in the event of power loss
o Saves $25–75 per PC annually
* "Turn off monitor"
o Drops monitor power use down to 1–3 W
o Wakes in seconds or less
o Saves half as much as system standby or hibernate: about $10–40
* "Turn off hard disks"
o Saves very little energy

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