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Option Buttons

  Asked By: Cory    Date: Feb 18    Category: MS Office    Views: 1395

I'm trying to convert a complicated workbook from PC to Mac. I have to change
all my
ActiveX option buttons to those from the forms toolbar. I'm having some trouble
understanding how this works.

I've set up 6 option buttons. When the user comes onto this particular
worksheet, I want
the sixth option button to be the active one.

In the pc version I could set them in VB, but I'm having no luck doing that in
the mac
version. This is what I think should work.

Worksheets("Life & Health").OptionButton18.Value = True

But I get runtime error 438 -- Object doesn't support this property or method

So, I'm not understanding the methods of Option buttons, or I have not got this
right. If I cntl click on the object and choose assign macro, the default is
OptionButton18_Click, so I figured it was named OptionButton18. In the Name box
it just
says Option Button for all the buttons as if the group were one item (which it
may be, I
guess). Can I get control of individual option buttons? I'm even having
trouble selecting
more than one so I can group and ungroup them.

Can anyone help?



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