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Use Microphones in java?

  Asked By: Thelma    Date: Apr 13    Category: Java    Views: 810

I am a final year engineering student and as part of my final year
project i want to develop a speech recognition software using neural
nets in java. The final output should be a software which carries out
basic system commands (like shut down,open cd-rom drive, format fdd
etc) using only commands given on the system mic.. such software may
already exist but this is my effort. What i want to know is :->

1) is there a package in java which can enable me to use the system
mic. ?
2) how do i execute windows commands once i have finally translated
the voice into text commands? (this is not java related but still if
you could help me...)

...any other advice on how to then access the audio file that
contains the command and discern distinct words would prove
invaluable to me...



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Ludo Ricci     Answered On: Apr 13

regarding ur question of how to execute  windows commands, u need another
programming language to call windows  APIs. u can use VB, VC++ for that. u will
have to make it as a DLL file  so u can load and use it in ur java  program.

Answer #2    Answered By: Luigi Fischer     Answered On: Apr 13

1) For starters, my main aim is to develop  a speech  recognition software  using
neural nets. Language is no barrier..so, why not develop the whole thing in
VB??? I chose java  just because someone told me that java has got a class for
handling the system  microphone... which is quintessential for this software...
then again, how to find the commands  in the audio  recieved from the mic. ??

2) How to create and load DLLs? I have no idea.. i just know the theory about
DLLs and not actual implementations. ???

Answer #3    Answered By: Latasha Wilson     Answered On: Apr 13

there is a java  Media Framework that u may use to capture voice
and video. Java also implement speech  recongintion language already.
you may simply call java classes to done it.

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