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How to write a macro to select a range of values to a file?

  Asked By: Mada    Date: Nov 29    Category: MS Office    Views: 1498

I just ordered a VBA book for excel.

I am looking for a macro in excel to find a range of values in a
column. Say for example, I have a column with ten numbers, 1-10.

I am looking for a macro that would say pick all numbers between 6
and 9 in the column and copy those rows to a file.

Any suggestions?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Damon Jones     Answered On: Nov 29

copy the values  onto a new worksheet, (in say a1, to a6), then save
the new worksheet as a .csv (see the vba  editor help file  for saveas..
. to get teh correct syntax).

Prob loads of other ways of doing it, but that was the first way to
spring to my mind.