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looking for some information

  Asked By: Reginheraht    Date: Feb 23    Category: Java    Views: 1177

Me and a couple of my friends have recently started a new small company and we are trying to hire a team to implement the idea of ours that we have recently patented. We are trying to outsource this project to a team of J2EE and J2ME experts. However there are a few issues we need to address first. What we have now is our documents to explain everything. Architecture and all usecases are all well explained and are ready to be shared.

We would like to know that what the expectations are and by that I mean the payment for expert J2EE and J2ME developers as well as any other aspect that we should be aware of. We have started to look for teams in Iran, but we are open to have teams from any other regions too.

So the question is again, how much is the usual expectation of a J2EE and / or J2ME developer (a very good one).
Also if you have had similar experience what other issues we need to consider.

It would be very helpful if anyone can give us a few heads up as we have not done this before. So we will be delighted to receive any help or advices.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Katrina Edwards     Answered On: Feb 23

these days a good  Java EE developer  expects at least 1.5 million toomans per month salary.
you can hire average developers  some where between 700k and 1M.
and if you pay below that you can only hire novice developers.

if you need a software architect and or an experienced project  manager you have to pay him over 2M

you can outsource it to Indian teams with lower price, but most of the times the result was very painful for Iranian companies.

you may find good people with lower price some times, but usually they leave you in the middle of project and go for a better salary some where else.

you may hire teams from India, China or other places of the world, but be sure that in this global economy if the prices are lower than Iran, for sure their quality is also lower.

Answer #2    Answered By: Eddie Austin     Answered On: Feb 23

I agree in general but not with the numbers he provided. I think with this year's inflation if you hire a developer  with these amounts you have built your home in river as he/she will soon leave the company  for a better salary.

As all we know software team members need not to be all at same level you can hire people at different levels for different tasks.

At last I should say that although many companies here pay their staff the amounts that Arash said but if you want a satisfied team which remains with you to the end you should pay 20% to 30% higher.

Answer #3    Answered By: Antonio Dunn     Answered On: Feb 23

Also I believe most of famous companies in Iran have more income over the same cases in scale and technology around the world. Lack of competition and localized and hidden markets make available them to capture their goals easily. I hope increasing in salary and more promotions help  this business to stabilized itself for a long term growing up.

Answer #4    Answered By: Holly Brown     Answered On: Feb 23

We were hoping to get more promising feedbacks, but, hey, that's how it is. It seems like apart from payment, commitment is the major issue which in that case will become a show stopper. From what you guys have told us and how I understand it, working with local teams is more recommended specially when we are not big enough to have a headquarter anywhere at the moment. Hopefully later

Answer #5    Answered By: Hattie Howard     Answered On: Feb 23

it does but only in validation (read the pattern description)

in higher view and briefly, you get the condition, you pass it through builder to generate the expression, then pass it to interpreter for grammer check and validation and finally store it

and to calculate it, read the expression from db, pass it to parser (possibly compisite) and get the class hierarchy, and that will let you calculate the expression. as I drew a binary tree for you assume that every node has a method called "calculate" which will call "calculate" of every child node and applies its own operation to left and right (simple)

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