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do I have to look for an API that I can implenent for my EJBs or I go on some of JMX

  Asked By: Joel    Date: Jan 16    Category: Java    Views: 476

i'm developing a NMS based on J2EE, im assinging
all the work of client or manager SNMP in the logic
business tier, the APIs I've founded are for J2SE, I
think so because it uses sockets and I've read EJBs
does not permit the use of sockets; I'm confuised
becuase I alse read that 'Sun JDMK package' is useful
for that propouse, I can't get it for 6,ooo USDollars,
in addition, I think JMX is also useful, but I don't
understad how.

So, do I have to look for an API that I can implenent
for my EJBs or I go on some of JMX ???

Im starting in this and Im new in thies gropu, I hope
not had missed this subject, I hope that any can help
me and hope do not bother you with this kind of
questions (I promise to gain terrain by myself as



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alfonso Martin     Answered On: Jan 16

actually I was a bit curious about your question, and I ended up with www.adventnet.com/products/snmpadaptor/index.html, it looks like this could be a good choice considering the price of JDMK. In fact I haven't integrated an Java based  SNMP agent with J2EE myself, so I'm intereseted to see other people's opinion on this as well.

but I guess nothing also stops you from using JCA with other off-the-shelf components to fulfil your NMS requirements even though there are limitation in direct socket access from EJB, the latter could be an alternative.