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dos code page

  Asked By: James    Date: Dec 12    Category: Java    Views: 1367

I have the foxpro dbf files that copy to folder in windows
i want to select query of them and show result
what is jdbc driver for foxpro dbf files/
i use the stels but i have problem with farsi item
i use iran system 'farsi saz' in Dos and i want to convert this to
unicode in java program
what is the solution for it/
when i run the
int code=(int) mystr.charAt(i) the code is generated is not match with
any code in windows



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Shaun Thomas     Answered On: Dec 12

you can use JDBC-ODBC bridge to use fox pro dbf  files
but you have to define an ODBC resource for the directory of your DBF files  first

please first read some articles to understand Iran System code  page and Unicode, the idea behind those are very different.

I wrote such a program nearly 8 years ago for sharif university (http://edu.sharif.edu), to read some foxpro tables and convert  Iran system  coded strings to Unicoded String in java  the code belongs to Computing Center of Sharif University, you may ask them to give you a copy  to save your time.

my work was based on the following work mr roozbeh pournader iranian localizaiton expert and unicode specialist:

you can use the same table to write a simple string converter.
keep in mind that mapping is not one to one, it means some iran system characters may be converted to more than one character and vice versa.

if you search "Iran System Unicode Java" in google you may find some java sources, try them out some they may work correctly.

Answer #2    Answered By: Verne Burito     Answered On: Jun 02

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