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jsp doubts urgent

  Asked By: Hondo    Date: May 29    Category: Java    Views: 705

I have few doubts in JSP , its very urgent , can any one
please help me ..thanks a lot in advance. Please answer me soon.

Jsp questions..
1.Response of a jsp page is always buffered?(true/false)
2 JSP : forward tag does't forward the request object to the
forwarded page?(true/false)

3 If the bean is declared with the request scope then it is
accessible even within the re-directed page?(true/false)

4.Access to shared objects can't be synchronized explicitly in a JSP

5. Any page included using JSP : include can `t us cookies for the
state management?(true/false)

6. After the session is invalidated the session object can `t be used
in the page ?(true/false)

7. The error page is setting of the current page is passed on to
forwarded and included pages?(true/false)

8. Any object put into the session must be a serialized object?

9. Http session is lost if the network connection goes down?

10. Page scope variables are available across multiple requests to
the same page?(true/false)



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Laurel Collins     Answered On: May 29

Here,i have got some answer  for 2 of the questions:
2 JSP : forward  tag does't forward the request  object to the
forwarded page?(true/false)
ans:it will forward the request object  to the forwarded page
> 3 If the bean  is declared with the request scope  then it is
> accessible even within the re-directed page?(true/false)
yes it is accessible

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