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java -deprecation

  Asked By: Navin    Date: Aug 22    Category: Java    Views: 396

why ?

C:\>set CLASSPATH=c:\Java\SMS\XmlWriter.jar;%CLASSPATH%set

C:\>set CLASSPATH=c:\Java\SMS\xplookandfeel.jar;%CLASSPATH%set


C:\>java -deprecation *.java
Unrecognized option: -deprecation
Could not create the Java virtual machine.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Murad Bashara     Answered On: Aug 22

-deprecation is a command line option  to javac, not java.
javac is the compiler that compiles java  source into classes, java is
the virtual  machine that can run the generated classes.

btw. if you're in school or are following a computer related course,
which one and where are you attending, just curious.

Also, do people know the concept of thank you?

Answer #2    Answered By: Juan Reynolds     Answered On: Aug 22

i dont know wht r u trying to achieve!
but one thing i would like to clarify is that..
when u r compiling a java  source code file the syntax to be used is javac
when u r running the class file generated by compiling it, u have to use
java classname with no extension.
pls be elaborate as to wht u r trying to do.

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