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Using internationalization with jdbc

  Asked By: Erica    Date: Dec 02    Category: Java    Views: 755

Someone here must have solved this problem before. We are having a
legacy code which uses raw sql with jdbc. Changing statement and
using "setString" is not an option.
Something like this:

String originalName = "AAA??AAA"; //some international characters
PreparedStatement pstmt = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO user
(id,name) VALUES ('123','"+originalName+"')");
pstmt = conn.prepareStatemnt(SELECT name FROM user WHERE id='123'");
ResultSet rs = pstmt.executeQuery();
String userName = rs.getString(1);

Now username does not match originalName. We are using Oracle 10.0.1,
jdk 1.5. Columns are NVARCHAR2, and defaultNChar= true.
Has anybody being able to solve this?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Shiv Patel     Answered On: Dec 02

I guess you need to add "&characterEncoding=utf8" to the end of your database URL.

Answer #2    Answered By: Marnia Mian     Answered On: Dec 02

why you don't use unicode instead?
you can convert your string  into unicode
for example:
String name  = "\u0652\u0655" ;

Answer #3    Answered By: Ayaz Hashmi     Answered On: Dec 02

Isn't that MySql option? I don't think oracle support that flag on connection url.

Answer #4    Answered By: Zane Thompson     Answered On: Dec 02

Maybe OraclePreparedStatement class solve this probelm ,

PreparedStatement pstmt = null;


Answer #5    Answered By: Constance Reid     Answered On: Dec 02

My string  actually comes from Swing JFileChooser or cut and paste to Swing text box, so I would have Java native string "utf16". If you use jdbc  PreparedStaement with setString method call this would get converted to National Character of Oracle for you. Problem is I am trying to make min changes to code  and not have to add a filter for an specific field. How can I convert utf16 to escaped unicode without adding too much overhead?

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