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Help with using cell phone to connect to Internet via Ubuntu

  Date: Dec 04    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 602

I am new to this OS. My
question is how to use connect to the Internet with a cell phone. I can do
this with Windows XP, Susteen's Datapilot provided USB cable and Samsung Hue
with Alltel, no problem. When I try it with Ubuntu 9.10, I can connect for 8-9
seconds then the connection is dropped. I can't load any pages in the time I
have connected. I use the "network connections" in Ubuntu, mobile broadband,
have it dial "#777, with my phone number id as the user name, e. g. if my phone
number is 989-555-1212, I enter 9895551212@... for the user name. I
leave password blank. I have tired unchecking various boxes, but nothing seems
to do any better than the momentary connection. Any ideas?



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Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 04    

About 3 years ago a friend and myself did it. We started with a working
dialup in Windoze. We did it using kppp (the kubuntu setup program in
case my memory is bad) as the setup was virtually identical to windows
and the cell was recognised as a modem (which we figured was very
important) and it worked. We had to install kppp in Ubuntu which did not
take long.