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Forms - Tabs & Arrows

  Asked By: Lambodar    Date: Sep 08    Category: MS Office    Views: 1221

I have a User Form. All the tabs are set and work great. I have a user
who uses the arrow keys instead of tabs. The arrow keys are skipping
input textboxes on the way down the form with Down Arrow, and hitting
different textboxes with the Up Arrow.

Any thoughts?

I have looked at the properties but didn't see anything different.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Keith Marshall     Answered On: Sep 08

Yes - remove the user's access to the arrow  keys - preferably at about the
elbow. :-)

Arrow keys  have specific uses within text areas (i.e. they move the text
cursor). It doesn't surprise me that they don't work  properly for
navigation between fields where some of the fields are text fields.

I doubt that it's practicable to write code to trap the wrong movement and
compensate for it. Retrain the user.

I don't have any user forms  at hand to try this out for myself. However, I
did just try one of my ASP intranet pages that has text fields in it. As I
had anticipated, the arrow keys can't be used for navigation there, and user
forms can be considered similar from a user-interface point of view.

Answer #2    Answered By: Timothy Patterson     Answered On: Sep 08

It is possible to trap the arrow  keys, but it requires APIs and a keyboard hook
I believe. Then to do what I think you want you will need a routine to handle
the order of movement.

I had to do something similar for a small form  with scroll bars, so that I
could handle the up/down/left/right arrow keys  and not have the scroll bars
intercept the keys.

Answer #3    Answered By: Jezza Brown     Answered On: Sep 08

Thanks for the help and the sugestion of dis-arming my boss, but I found an
easier way to get what I need done. Plus, he could sign my check if I cut off
his arm.

I created a form  in a blank file, moved the boxes around, changed the tabs,
and deleted some and added others, and noticed nothing messed up the Up/Down
arrows. So I returned to my form to have a look. I moved the "missing" textboxes
to another part of the form, and they still didn't get activated by the Down
Arrow. When I moved them back to their slots, I noticed they were slightly
larger than the hole. I went to properties  and made the textboxes  fit the hole,
and what do you know? The arrow  keys now work. No armless, messy boss to tangle

Answer #4    Answered By: Norman Ray     Answered On: Sep 08

Are you sure the TabIndex numbers, inside the Userform properties, are set  to
the required tab order?

Answer #5    Answered By: Leon Evans     Answered On: Sep 08

You are correct. You should always arrange to be paid by direct-credit
banking before dis-arming your boss.

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