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Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Fails To Select Cells When Used in Formula Bar

  Asked By: Adalicia    Date: Mar 20    Category: MS Office    Views: 2526

For some reason that I have not been able to identify, when I try to
select a range of adjacent cells using the Ctrl+Shft+Arrow Key
combination in the Formula Bar, rather than select the range of
cells I would like the formula to operate on, only the first cell in
the range is selected!.

Example worksheet range:

Col B
Row 1 10
Row 2 10
Row 3 10
Row 4 10
Row 5 =SUM(

1. I enter =SUM( in cell B5
2. I select the last cell in the range I want to sum - B4
3. I hit Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow+Enter - Until today, this resulted in
=SUM(B1:B4) in cell B5.
4. For some extremely infuriating reason, the resulting formuala in
Cell B5 = SUM(B4)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This happens in all workbooks even when I restart Excel!

Somebody please please tell me why this happens and how I can fix it!



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sophie Campbell     Answered On: Mar 20

For me it works as you want it to.

You might check tools/Options/transition and see if transition navigation keys
is turned on.