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Using an array formula as a hyperlink cell reference

  Asked By: Lucille    Date: Mar 05    Category: MS Office    Views: 858

The following array formula gives as output the name of a cell

{="'Sheet 2'!H"&MATCH(C1&D$39,'Sheet 2'!A:A&'Sheet 2'!C:C,0)}

Where C1 and D$39 are an array variable concatenated out of two
different columns and Sheet 2 is a sheet I'm searching for that
combination of variables (i.e. a payment by a certain payer on a
certain date). The result of this particular formula is 'Sheet 2'!
H842 because that particular combination of values occurs in row 842.

I want to put the cursor into 'Sheet 2'!H842 with a hyperlink, or
something like a hyperlink, so I can put a column of "Click to go to
this payment" links next to a pivot table, or better yet inside the
pivot table itself.

But my attempts to use this formula as a cell reference aren't
working, perhaps because arrays don't work in hyperlink cell

So how do I do it?



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