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Selecting Cells

  Asked By: Kristopher    Date: Feb 06    Category: MS Office    Views: 1782

I have a cell with a value called : Projects Description
Under this row i have a list of items
the last row is titled : Total projects
How can I select every cell that is between Capital Projects and total projects
and perform an action on them
I need to do this on every worksheet I have in the workbook
The position of these cells from one sheet to another is different but the
titles are the same
AB1 Project Description2 Project1 $ 100.00 3 Project2 $ 200.00 4 Project3 $
300.00 5 Project4 $ 200.00 6 Total Projects800

I want to select Project1, Project 2,project3, Project4 in A column and and go
to Column C and type "OK"



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Answer #1    Answered By: Adel Fischer     Answered On: Feb 06

you know what..it will be easier if u just attach ur excel sheet  highliting the
stuff u wanna do.

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