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EJB Client Questions

  Asked By: Viveka    Date: May 25    Category: Java    Views: 2047

I had these questions.

1. For session beans I thought the standalone ( or servlet ) clients
shouls always use the client jars, which will contain the interface
classes along with the stubs ( and primary key classes in case of
entity beans ). This weblogic based project claims that they only
had one jar file which is the same one used for both deployment to
the container and by the client. Is this guarenteed to work in

2. I also thought that the client jar should always come from the
vendor implementing the container. ( So if the component is hosted
in weblogic, the client jar should be generated by the weblogic
compiler ). Is this true ? Or will they all interoperate as they are
guarenteed to be using RMI-IIOP

3. In the RI and websphere the client jar is generated by the vendor
specific tool ( deploytool and a new subproject for EJB client jar
respectively ). But I also saw that there is a <ejb-client-jar> tag
on the ejb-jar.xml file. Is this of any use for producing the client
jar. Is there a "standard" way to produce the client jar.

Some googling brought me across this...
"Firstly , the client jar doesnt nead the stub or skelloton or the
ejb class-
it needs only the remote and home interface. it downloads the rest
at runtime."

If this is true then it turns outthatn the Remote/Home stubs are not
required at all.




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