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Dual Monitor

  Date: Nov 27    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 299

I have been forced to tidy up my 'shack' and ditch some old computers but I have
saved a newish TFT screen. I thought I could experiment using a dual screen to
show different 'windows'. My graphice card is aging a bit, ie AGP but works

What would be the easiest ie cheapest way to ad a second monitor?
(AMD 3200 processor/Gigabyte MB/ Gforce MX400 graphics card.)



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Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 27    

easiest way would be is to get a dual monitor card

assimilate all tech.

Answer #2    Answered On: Nov 27    

Please keep me posted on your progress, as I use multiple monitors,
but in Windoze OS and am quite interested. Most of my presentation
laptops for video projectors are equipped, but quite a hassle in MS.

Don;t know how to verify their existence in ubuntulinux, would like to know.
If you have MS installed, you might first verify your present hardware.
Many times they contain second monitor capability just lurking.
It's the ol' "Start / Control Panel / Display / Settings" trail.

I have a dozen computers, some of which had second monitor
capability of which I had not been aware.

At least a first step.

Answer #3    Answered On: Nov 27    

I shall look for another 'dual' monitor card.

Could I simply add a second Graphics card PCI type as an alternative?

Answer #4    Answered On: Nov 27    

yes you could as long as the system recognises it try and get the same as what
you've got

Answer #5    Answered On: Nov 27    

I'd vote for a replacement dual-head graphics card too but being AGP
your choices are beginning to get limited for new ones. Might need to
go for EBay but check the vendor is good first.

Once you have a dual-head card installed then plugging in the second
monitor will automatically give it an entry in display management
where you can set the parameters such as screen size and whether it's
a separate screen or extension of the main one etc.

Answer #6    Answered On: Nov 27    

I'll begin to search for another card.

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