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how to create dual boot using lilo?

  Date: Nov 24    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 401

I have been working for weeks to set up dual booting
for my computer- windows Me and linux 7.1. I used
lilo. I had 40 Gbytes of hard disks.

First, I set up windows for 1024 Mbytes.
Second, set up linux 7.1 using Disk druid, 1024 Mbytes
for my linux native, 15,000 Mbytes for /usr and 512
Mbytes for linux swap.

This works fine for my linux and my Windows.

However, some of my linux filesystem was just a
logical partittion on the Extended partition. And I
can't create more spaces for my Windows, when I run
fdisk again on DOS mode.
It says there (something similar with this)
C:1 PRIMARY DOS 1024 3%
2 NON-DOS 1024 3%
3 EXTENDED 37000 94%

Anyone could give me an idea how to create dual boot
using lilo? I just want to have 10 Gbytes for Windows,
20 Gbytes for LInux and 10 Gbytes reserved space for
future use.



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