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Design of application

  Asked By: Diem    Date: Feb 03    Category: Asp.net    Views: 561

I have a table in a SQL db, table DnldFile.

In that table I have the following values (names changed to protect the innocent)

Fruit: banana



Some of the fields have default values others are blank.

Now I have a web page that has a form where the user inputs values (no surprise) for the values that done have a DEFAULT set in the DB.

The user can click on a link button(or any other button lets say a click event) Download Me.

I would like to get those values from the database. Then find the values that don't have an default value and then take the inputs from the form and fill the blanks i.e

User inputs on the Form :

What is your favorite Phrase ?: Who Is your Daddy

Then I need to map Who Is your Daddy to the Phrase: value so that I have a result Phrase:Who Is your Daddy

Ok, on top of that when the user fires the click event I need to query the db get the results (not a problem) , then I need to compose a ASCII file that has the format

Fruit: banana

Fruit: Apple

Phrase: Who Is your Daddy

And be able to save it in my file extension .xxx , I would like it to prompt the user to download the file (normal download dialog) once it has composed/written then file.

Ok so now I know what I want to do any help in architecting this solution what methods designs should I use, technologies (meaning Namespaces System.IO ....?)



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