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dbc connectivity with SQL server

  Asked By: Willie    Date: Dec 02    Category: Java    Views: 1311

I m very new to Java. I put a code just before this about jdbc connectivity with
SQL server. there i have a connection object through which i m connecting with
sql server. whenever i run that script i found the error that resultset is
closed. actually i m using two single connection for a statement and this
statement is then returning two resultset in two diffrent blocks. when i make
two connection and statements for these resultset i dont get the error.
i want to clear this can i not use a single connection to open different
statements, when one is already open, and i want to create another one. why this
is generating the error. this is same for resultsets. when a statement returns a
resultset, cannt i use the same statement, for another resultset before closing
the first resultset. or there is any other error in my approach.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Fatih Farooq     Answered On: Dec 02

You can have one connection  and use multiple statements  on it as long as u dont
close the connection. And coming to the resultsets, All execution methods in the
Statement interface implicitly close a statment's current ResultSet object  if an
open one exists. if you have to use the resultset  again use different statement
objects on it. It will work.

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