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Creating a site in IIS using VB.NET web form or winform, how?

  Asked By: Kevin    Date: May 02    Category: Asp.net    Views: 3974

I am suppose to develop a web based
control panel which will allow users to login and create their website as
virtual directory in domain.com/virtdirectory and some users may even try to
creat a host as host.com. Has anyone got an idea how do do this in VB.Net either
in web forms or in win forms project.

2ndly is there a systems engineer on list who is a programmer too in VB.net as I
want to know how from a program I can edit and add new records in a Unix (BSDI)
based DNS Server.

3. I want to learn about Cisco Routers & Sun Solaris OS, by change if somecan
direct me to a tutorial which can start from Basic and goes to advance levels?

4. Is it possible to create a dialup connection from a vb.net windows
application like the one we create normally to connect to internet?0

ok I will stop here before the list owners .......me



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Marina Smith     Answered On: May 02

I look forward to hearing the responses on this topic. I think knowing how
to programmatically create  a virtual directory  via VB.NET would be very
helpful to know.

Answer #2    Answered By: Verner Fischer     Answered On: May 02

Us ... you have another project  .... what about the ten you have had to complete
since I met you ? Oh, and this one should be fun, CISCO routers, VB.NET on UNIX
BSD, Solaris and DNS and what ... .NET WMI is it ?????????
I can do DNS with VC6 on Windows but that is it.
And I can make VD in VC6 using adsi or base admin ... but in Windows.

mmmm.... connection  in .NET ? I haven't seen one around the place, and I've
Best thing to do would be someone should make an ActiveX out of RAS
(Rasberry.exe in VC6) and make interop with it.

You are a ONE Usman ... if you even started any of your previous projects I'll
eat my toenail clippings.

Answer #3    Answered By: Luz Hayes     Answered On: May 02

The projects business is on and how come they won't complete when people like u
and Charles are there for prompt help, Cheers, by the way as u did mention about
the previous projects, I did came across a few controls as:

a) If your application requires any type of graph, refer to the control u can
download form  this link: http://www.advsofteng.com
b) I had to build an application, where I had to open a telnet session to a
router and run some command and process the output with some dam strings along
with their comparison with a table, I used a control ftp control from Mabry,
www.mabry.com and it worked real well.
c) I had to develop  a net  Speed Meter type thing located at
http://www.zajil.net/speedometer.asp , I used Dart FTP control, excellent
performance, is available from www.dart.com
d) I was developing an application to send intimation emails and a small list
server type application was built and I used Mabry SMTP control, high speed ,
multi parts emails are piece of cake with it.
e) Recently I got a project  to develop webmail and we are planning to use a dot
net control EasyMail.net form www.quiksoft.com to develop, hope it will keep my
team busy for some days ands will bother list  then.

Su mentioned that u can make VD in C not in VB, can u please paste some
core code which is actually doing this as may be someone from list can help me
to convert it in VB.Net