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Baffled by java.security.PrivilegedActionException

  Asked By: Michael    Date: Jul 31    Category: Java    Views: 779

I am trying to run the jaxm-remote sample for JAXM.

Can someone tell me why I keep getting a

It happens whenever I try to send the ebXML message. The message is
being created (I checked the contents since it is saved before it is
sent off, and it appears pretty good), but before it can be delivered
to my OneWayListener ResponseServlet I get a Http Response of 400.
When I looked up this error it seems to be saying that my http
message syntax is wrong. I'm wondering if I am missing a namespace or
something like that in the HTTP header. Perhaps I have the wrong
version of a jar. Who knows. I haven't altered the original sample
code or client.xml or deployed provider.war application or anything
other than to change the port number to 9080 to suit the WSAD http
default (could well be inappropriate). I got the example to work
under Tomcat 4.1. without changing anything at all, but I have to
implement this using the WebSphere Application Server in the end, so
I am forced to try to run it under WSAD 5.0.

(I will save space by not pasting the source code, unless someone
wants to see it. It is identical to the sun sample.)

I am pretty baffled by this. I have been replacing jars with source
code and doing some very deep debugging but alas..

One vague possibility I ran across appears in the JAXM Interest
archives from September 2001. (I know that is a long.. time ago!).
The stack trace is very similar to my own. [Sorry, I am at home now,
so I don't have the WebSphere software in front of me] The only real
difference is that I get error code 400.

The writer explains like this:

When I comment out the namespace
code as shown below, I get the following stack trace.

SOAPEnvelope envelope = soapPart.getEnvelope(createHeader);



<<javax.xml.messaging.JAXMException: Bad response: (500, Internal
<<javax.xml.messaging.JAXMException: Bad response: (500, Internal
at jaxmexamples.CreateRequest.main(CreateRequest.java:103)
Bad response: (500, Internal Server Error)>>

Is this at all relevant?

I am fairly new to web services and I would be grateful for any



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