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applet not initialized

  Asked By: Donna    Date: Sep 06    Category: Java    Views: 1131

I have just downloaded the j2sdk from sun's web
site and I successfully compiled HelloWorld.java into
HelloWorld.class. And I created run.html with simple <apple>
tag to run the HelloWorld.class.<br><br>Now, when I
run the run.html with appletviewer, it doesn't do
anything but displaying "Start: applet not initialized"
message. I tried couple of other demo codes from sun's web
site but any of those code doesn't do anything but the
problem I described above.<br><br>What I am supposed to
do? What can I do to get it started?<br><br><br>I use
redhat linux 7.2 with latest j2sdk (1.4) <br><br>Thank



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Answer #1    Answered By: Varun Mehta     Answered On: Sep 06

Is the class  HelloWorld extended from class Applet?Or ,have you override the
method ini(),and start() method from class Applet?<br>Can you give you program
's code?

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