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2003 - ActiveSheet.Calculate Problem

  Asked By: Lewis    Date: Jan 30    Category: MS Office    Views: 2408

Now we come to the tricky bit... Which I hope isn't coz I've a feeling I'm
missing something simple here.

I'm changing the ColumnWidth value of a cell in a loop.
Every time I change tha value I do an ActiveSheet.Calculate.
In another cell I have the function below.

The value in the cell with the function isn't being updated!

Any ideas why??

I have screenupdating set explicitly to True.

Function fncColumnWidth(Optional spUnits As Variant)

Dim slUnits As String

If IsMissing(spUnits) Then
slUnits = ""
slUnits = UCase(spUnits)
End If

Select Case slUnits
Case ""
fncColumnWidth = Range(Application.Caller.Address).ColumnWidth
Case "PTS"
fncColumnWidth = Range(Application.Caller.Address).Width
Case "CM"
Case "MM"
fncColumnWidth = Range(Application.Caller.Address).Width *
End Select

End Function



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alyssa Kelley     Answered On: Jan 30

I'm having trouble understanding your explanation. There is no
ActiveSheet.Calculate in the code you've quoted.

> I'm changing  the ColumnWidth value of a cell  in a loop.
> Every time  I change  that value I do an ActiveSheet.Calculate.
> In another cell I have the function  below.

Do you mean the value of the cell or the width of the cell? Changing the
width of a cell will not make it "dirty". Therefore it won't necessarily
participate in a calculate. (Calculate only recalculates what needs it.)

In your function, one of the Select legs has

Range(Application.Caller.Address).Width *

and the other legs are similar, but simpler.

These will do what you expect them to do - i.e. they will use the current
values of those items when the function runs.

But is the function running?

A change to either of those two cells will not trigger the running of the
function. It will only run if the cell that includes the function call is
directly referencing a cell whose value has changed - e.g. the cell that
provides spUnits.

We probably need more information, though.

Answer #2    Answered By: Abejundio Garcia     Answered On: Jan 30

You can work around this:

add another optional parameter to your function  - you don't need to use it!

where the function is referenced in the spreadsheet enter a cell  reference
which will change  as the second parameter - like


then the function will fire every time  a cell in the range changes.

Answer #3    Answered By: Uma 1985     Answered On: Jan 30

True but ...

Changing the width of a column isn't a change  to the cell, so the function
won't be called merely for that.

Answer #4    Answered By: Angelina Gardner     Answered On: Jan 30



we need to have a cell  with the formula =CELL("width",F1) (assuming col F is
the one being altered). Then we make the formula additional parameter refer
to this cell.

The cell can have white text if you Lisa does not want the width shown.

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