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Word Assembly Program

Posted By: Caitlin Brown     Category: Assembly Language     Views: 24001

Write a program of Word Assembly.

Code for Word Assembly Program in Assembly Language

data segment
        first dw 3456h
        second dw 0abcdh
        ans dw 0000h
data ends

code segment
        assume cs:code, ds:data
start :
        mov ax, data
        mov ds, ax

        mov ax, first
        and ax, 00ffh
        shl ax, 08h

        mov bx, second
        and bx, 00ffh
        or ax, bx
        mov ans, ax

        mov ax, 4c00h
        int 21h
code ends
        end start

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Caitlin Brown
Caitlin Brown author of Word Assembly Program is from London, United Kingdom.
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Abinaya Durai from United States Comment on: Oct 08
Write and execute 8086 based an assembly language program to sort the numbers stored in an array in ascending as well as descending order. Assume that the first location in the array hold the number of elements in the array and successive memory location will have actual array elements. Write a separate subroutine to arrange the numbers in ascending and descending order. Accept a key from the keyboard.
a. If 1 entered, Arrange in ascending
b. If 2 entered, Arrange in descending

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