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Example of Create Table

Posted By: Charlie Evans     Category: Oracle     Views: 8726

This article provides an example of how to create table with primary key , foreign key, check, unique and not null constrains.

Code for Example of Create Table in Oracle

Example 1 :

createtable cust
(custno varchar2(5) primarykey,    
 cname varchar2(20) unique,
 state varchar2(10),
 phone number(10),
constraint  st check(statein ('Gujarat','Rajasthan','MP','UP','Maharastra')));

Example 2 :

createtable item
(itemno varchar2(5) primarykey,
 itemname varchar2(20) notnull,
 itemprice number(8,2),
 Qty_hand number(3),
constraint itp check(itemprice>0));

Example 3 :

createtable invoice
(invno number(4) primarykey,
 invdate date,
 custno varchar2(5) references cust);

Example 4 :

createtable invitem
(invno varchar2(5) references invoice,
 Itemno varchar2(5) references item,
 qty number(3),);

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Charlie Evans
Charlie Evans author of Example of Create Table is from London, United Kingdom.
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