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Defines different structures in dfs

Posted By: Alexandra Hughes     Category: C++ Programming     Views: 4412

This article defines different terms i.e. Data Structure, Primitive Data Structure, Non- Primitive Data Structures, Storage Structure, File Structure, Preloading, Linear, Vector.

Data Structures

A collection of data elements whose organization is characterized by accessing operations that are used to store and retrieve the individual data element.

e.g:  Arrays.

Primitive Data Structures

The data structure that typically are directly operated upon by machine-level instructions and are associated with numerical problems.

e.g:  int, char, real.

Non- Primitive Data Structures

e.g:  Arrays, lists, files.

Storage Structure

The representation of a particular data structure in the memory of a computer is called a storage structure.

File Structure

A storage structure representation in auxiliary memory is called a file structure.


Arranging the numbers according to their priority is called preloading.


A list which displays the relationship of adjacency between elements is said to be linear.


The simplest data structure that makes use of computed addressed to locate its elements is the one-dimensional array is called a vector.

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